I’m part of an amazing team of lenders @ ANZ Geelong. We regularly catch up to discuss business and support each other in the challenges we face in our role.

Recently while catching up over lunch we were discussing ways we could get involved with our local community. We decided that attending the community meal One Care put on would be a great way to assist a local organisation and spend some time with the people who enjoy the food and company every Thursday.

When it came time to pay our bill we were told that the people on the table next to us had paid it for us. We came to the conclusion that they had overheard us discussing helping out at One Care and had “paid it forward”.

We were able to assist with serving the meal and packing up afterwards. But the real highlight was spending time with the regular attendees, hearing their stories and watching them interact with each other and the volunteers.

The regular volunteers who make the community meal happen every week are such caring and dedicated people and it was a privilege to be part of the team for a day.

My team and I had a great time and look forward to sharing a meal with the One Care regulars again soon.