“I was born in Liberia. I lived there in my village for seven year with my family. Then war came and I went to live in a refugee camp with my grandma and sister for ten years. My uncle was already in Australia and he fought for us to come here.

I was scared when we left because it was my first time leaving Africa and my first time in a plane. But when I got to Australia it was nice. It is really, really good in Australia coming from Africa. But it was so cold when I got here; it was the middle of winter.

I have been in Australia for just over one year now. My grandma, sister and I live with my uncle. I spoke Liberian in the camp but have been learning English this year. When I arrived I also started going to school. School is good, but I find learning tough. I am doing English, Math, Legal Studies, Physical Education, Health and Human Developments and Business. My favourite is legal studies. I am in year eleven now but when I finish I would like to study law. The biggest difference between Liberia and Australia is education. Education is much better in Australia.

I relax by playing football (soccer). I play in the midfield or right wing, I am right footed. I would like a part-time job at a restaurant or café. I eat African food but I really like bagels and fish & chips.

I would like to study to be a lawyer, policeman or social worker. I would study international studies so that I could help the refugees. I think that Australia should bring more refugees to this country.”