“I started drinking when I was fourteen. I started with marijuana, but by my later teens I had gotten into the powders. By my early twenties I had started on heroine. I was on that for probably five years, until I got busted doing it in the mall. That’s when I was faced with a choice: give it up or go to jail. So I put myself into a program that helped me get off it, and that was it. I haven’t touched heroin for nearly fifteen years.

To give up the heroine I relied on cannabis and alcohol. But I’ve been probably about eighteen months without a drink now. Normally I would be walking into the bottle shop as soon as it opens, but I haven’t even got the taste for it no more. I can walk straight past that bottle shop and it won’t pull me in like it used too. And I think if I can manage the alcohol I can manage the cannabis. My main problem now is people coming to me to get their stuff. I think they’re my friends, but they’re not friends if they don’t respect me. They don’t respect me when I say no. I say, ‘no more, no more, I can’t do it no more’, but they keep on ringing, keep hassling me, so I give in.

That’s why now I need to start looking out for number one, and that’s me. I really think I can do it now, with help from the Bible. I’m doing that regularly now, reading the Bible and going to church. That’s my home, the church. And the people there are my family. If it wasn’t for the church and OneCare I don’t think I would be here at all. There have been that many times where I’ve felt like giving in, and they’ve pulled me back up. They’ve helped me so much.”