Community Connections Worker (Social Worker)

Kristy oversees the administration, human resource, and finance areas of OneCare Geelong…

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Danielle has worked within Community Services, NGOs, Primary Health Care, and the Education sector, since 2000, within Australia and Internationally. Working within various roles including: management and leadership, project development, advisory, AOD counselling and outreach, case management, and training.

Danielle has extensive experience and training in working directly with complex care needs, as well as coordinating services, teams, and supervising staff, to work with complex needs and high risk situations. This includes problematic substance use, mental health, co-morbidity, family violence, sexual harm, threat and risk assessment and management, child safety and children in care. Danielle is experienced in working with those that are culturally and linguistically diverse, refugees and asylum Seekers.

Danielle’s passion and commitment for social justice extends across to her personal life, and is the co-founder of Australian Charity, A2B Support, which aims to support and empower children living in extreme poverty within developing countries.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Social Science, Dip Management, Cert IV Project Management, Cert IV AOD, Cert IV Mental Health, TESL.

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Kristy also serves on the board of an Australian Charity and not-for-profit organisation, where she has raised awareness and funds for projects that supports people living in situations of extreme poverty and disadvantage.

Kristy has extensive expertise and experience in running her own successful businesses, event management, and financial officer roles. Kristy has been instrumental in the OneCare events and is passionate about running major events and functions that help others. Kristy has a deep care and generosity for people, and exceptional customer service skills.

Kristy explains, “My desire has always been to work in a dynamic, progressive, family orientated company with awesome people. I love working at OneCare because it not only fulfills this desire but the people exceed my expectations every day with their love, commitment and grace. Even though my role is within the office, I still have to opportunity to provide helpful and friendly customer service to all attending and contacting OneCare. I enjoy getting involved in the programs where I can to help.

I have really learnt how to value and respect others and I feel so grateful that I am a part of this wonderful, faithful group of people at OneCare Geelong”.

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and valued and is committed to empowering people with confidence and life skills to make positive changes in their own lives.

Simone has more than 15 years experience in the private sector and 10 years experience in local council services. After joining OneCare as a volunteer in 2020 Simone joined the OneCare team as the Community Program Coordinator.

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Samyr moved to Australia in 2009 and has since working in residential homes for children in the care of the state, youth drug and alcohol service, youth and adult homelessness services, and various roles in a school including as a wellbeing coordinator and social worker. He has extensive experience is complex care case management, supportive counselling, mediation, and facilitating small groups.

Samyr is originally from Brazil, and while he was working as a chiropractor he volunteer in a children’s home and children living in the streets. It was there while working with children who were orphaned, abandoned and living in severe risk and poverty, that Samyr realised his passion and calling to help others. Samyr is the co-founder of an Australian Charity, A2B Support Inc, that supports social projects working with vulnerable children and families. The social projects are in Indonesia, and Brazil and most recently A2B have started keeping a local project in Corio, the Lotus program, that works towards supporting individuals subjected to modern-day slavery.

Samyr enjoys connecting with the participants at OneCare and feels so privileged to sit with people and be trusted to hear their stories. They are stories that often involve heartache and trauma, but also hope, from people with incredible resilience.

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Evie was drawn to the COACH mentoring program because she strongly believes that the intentional one-on-one relationships fostered by the COACH mentoring program can bring about internal change that ultimately reflects in external transformation.

Evie’s skills and experience in nursing and leadership means she has significant experience creating and managing teams; engaging stakeholders; seeking and managing funding; training and equipping leaders; coordinating responses to acute emergencies and incidents; debriefing difficult circumstances; public speaking and effective communication; and engaging with state and national leadership within volunteer teams.

Evie is grateful that her clinical skills allow her the opportunity to practically help communities in need, and has recently returned from Papua New Guinea where she served as a midwife in remote communities. She loves her job as a midwife; the way it combines opportunities for rapport and relationship building, with the need for clinical skill and judgement. However, Evie is most passionate about seeing people’s lives changed by their understanding of themselves as being valuable and purposed.